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The toy isn’t very flexible, but there is a bendy spot in the middle, between the insertable part and the clitoris part. The bend helps a lot, but it seems very weak. The soft part of the toy fits just over the bend, and mends to the hard shelled part.

3/4 ct Ring with Diamonds in A perfect gift for the March born in your life or as a classic addition to your collection to wear anytime. A 3/4 ct oval cut natural aquamarine is surrounded by round cut diamond accents on a twisted sterling silver band. Ring face measures 3/8 inches in width..

vibrators The Nativity drama Sunday evening was held in France Colony, one of a dozen poor Christian neighborhoods in the capital. It was bustling with creativity. Families set up miniature creches, and volunteers constructed elaborate life size tableaux of snowmen, shepherds and stars, illuminated by thousands of tiny bulbs strung amid tree branches.. vibrators

vibrators Emma’s change of heart about motherhood came during a pregnancy scare while in a solid relationship. “I was convinced that I was pregnant,” Emma says. “I had already had an abortion at 19, and had been perfectly fine with it,” Emma says, “but this time was very different, if only because I felt more attached to my partner.”. vibrators

dildos Everywhere I go there’s “thinspiration” and “obesity awareness” campaigns telling me I’m going to die if I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. Thanks to the relentless marketing by the weight loss industry, fat shaming h[……]

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It’s nice to reach back to the roots of the game

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